How much does it cost to open a Bitcoin Prime account?

It’s free to open a Bitcoin Prime account and there’s no minimum amount required. However, as mentioned above, you’ll be stuck with flat fees if you trade for less than 200 Euros (ed: approximately $1,500).

The fees for trading the different cryptocurrencies are similar, however the spread is always set at a minimum of 0.5%. Spreads can be higher – especially for some of the less traded cryptocurrencies. It should be said, however, that most cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin Prime offers have such high trading volume that the spread rarely fluctuates wildly.

One last piece of advice

By now, you should be equipped with (a) a better understanding of Bitcoin Prime’s fees as well as (b) an understanding of why it may be important to pay close attention to and even consider them in your overall plan/strategy before you plunge into trading.

Here’s also a final – but very important – piece of advice:

As far as possible, use the same card – or account – to withdraw to that you use to deposit with. This applies regardless of which trading platform you choose to use. There are many stories online about people having problems withdrawing their money again – and it seems that most of these problems are caused by people trying to transfer to accounts that are not approved for use on the platforms. This can be easily circumvented by simply using the same card for both.

Bitcoin Prime vs. other platforms

Bitcoin Prime is the third largest trading platform when measured by trading volume. In that sense, they perform phenomenally. You could say that Bitcoin Prime differs from many of the other successful trading platforms in that it has appealed to the US market in particular – and perhaps especially to people who don’t have the stomach to participate directly in the decentralised economy. While you can find far more cryptocurrencies to trade on Binance, for example, Binance can be extremely confusing – even for experienced investors.

Bitcoin Prime has always tried to offer a relatively simple solution that’s easy to use, even for people who have no trading experience. For a Danish consumer, however, it is not certain that Bitcoin Prime is the obvious choice. Our goal with our Bitcoin Prime review is for you to make the best choice for your finances.

The editors at are more inclined to choose eToro. On eToro you can pool all your investments and there are a number of other unique advantages. Here is a list of some of them:

No trading fees on cryptocurrencies.
Offers extensive copy-trading, where you can copy successful investors’ trades.
Used by thousands of Danes – and millions of people in over 140 countries.
Has improved charts that make it easier to do good technical analysis.
Easy to put money in – and take it out again.
Quick to open an account.
Registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.
Offers adjustable, leveraged trades, so you can choose your preferred risk level.
Ultimately, of course, it’s up to you where you want to trade.